14 documentary films
5,000,000 viewers
502 special and festival screenings in over 27 countries
44 festival awards
15 new film projects

The project „Russia–Poland. New Gaze” has been initiated for film students from Poland and Russia in order to create and conduct documentary workshops that would show young people how films should be made. The project launched in 2005 and planned to continue for following three years has already had two editions. Within the first one 12 documentaries about Russia and Poland were made. Second edition (2006/2007) is still in progress. As part of it 15 documentaries have been created as well as trailers.

As part of the whole undertaking between 2005 and 2008 six workshops were initiated, three each edition. Ten from twelve documentaries were made as a co-production between Eureka Media and TVP S.A. Of the other two films one was a co-production between Eureka Media and Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow (WGIK), and the other a co-production between Eureka Media, Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow and Ostrov Studio. The projects made during the second edition have gained attention of the producers from Lithuania and Russia (among others the representatives of ERA FILM and Internews), and also acquisition editors from the Polish and Russian television (TVP S.A., TVP Kultura, Pervy Kanal). Some of the projects are currently being completed.

The films from the first edition have had two premieres: Polish one (on 9th March 2006 in Warsaw) and a Russian one of an international character (11th Mai 2006 in Moscow). The documentaries have also been shown during many festivals and special screenings home and abroad. So far 5 Million viewers have seen the films, 502 screenings were organized, among which multiple TV broadcasts. The films have won 44 awards (“The Seeds” by Wojciech Kasperski – 20 awards; “Suburban Train” by Maciej Cuske – 5 awards, “Sacrum” by Aliona Polunina – one award, “7 x Moscow” by Piotr Stasik – 2 awards, “The 52 percent” by Rafał Skalski – 10 awards and “The First Day” by Marcin Sauter – 6 awards).

The films have also had their TV premieres. Polish Television has aired on its first channel (TVP 1) four documentaries: “7 x Moscow”, “Suburban Train”, “The Seeds” and “The 52 Percent”. The broadcasts in TVP 1 have been preceded by airing of the documentaries on another Polish Television channel TVP Kultura. The films have been broadcasted altogether over 50 times. This number includes premiere airings as well as the reruns.

The organizers of the project, Production Company Eureka Media and The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, have invited to cooperation six film schools from both countries. In the project also many cultural and film institutions, diplomatic posts and media were involved.

The films were so far presented in Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Israel, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, USA and Great Britain.

During the course of the project a web site dedicated to this event has been working www.newgaze.info. In the year 2006 it was visited by 31.931 people and from the beginning of 2007 until the end of May 2008 by 35.982 people.

I don’t know how an idea comes into mind. This is something that just comes. From where? It is derived from everything that we have touched thus far in life.

 Krzysztof Kieślowski

Forum Russia - Poland. New Gaze is a part of a project Season of Russia in Poland. Season of Poland in Russia. Warsaw – Moscow. Moscow – Warsaw. 2004-2005 organized by Adam Mickiewicz Institut.

Patronage of the documentary workshops Russia - Poland. New Gaze is presided over by The Minister of Culture of Poland.

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