Why are we creating a Russian-Polish documentary film forum? Russia and Poland: we know how many stereotypes have accumulated around these words. It is difficult to say whether there are more positive ones or more of those causing bad blood. All of them disable our sense of reality, prevent us from ascertaining the essential and the authentic. Actually, what do we really know about each other? Is it from literature, movies, tourist excursions, family memories, history classes or visits to the market? And what happens to that haphazard random knowledge when we stop for a moment and look at each other more closely, forgo the trite phrases and cursory judgments and let things take their own course? And what happens to the “vision” of the artist, who takes his insatiable curiosity and voracious appetite for the world and throws them onto the scale in order to discover who “these Russians” and “these Poles” really are?

The clash of expectations with facts, the confrontation of prejudices (both the subconscious and the purposefully expressed) with the spontaneity of the actual situation: this is what we really would like to see on the screen. Our project will be an open experiment. The end result should give us a more real picture; bring us closer to the truth. A truth, which at times is bitter, but without which we have no understanding of individual and common destiny, and no dialogue. Let the camera be the instrument of learning, a tool to verify our initial perceptions. A young Polish filmmaker goes to Moscow. Let him explore - how much truth is there in what he has heard, and how much has been contrived by his imagination. A young Russian visits the Polish countryside. At which door will he knock? Who will he want to meet? And whom will he believe?

As we discover the answers to these questions we become enriched by one more human experience.

I don’t know how an idea comes into mind. This is something that just comes. From where? It is derived from everything that we have touched thus far in life.

 Krzysztof Kieślowski

Forum Russia - Poland. New Gaze is a part of a project Season of Russia in Poland. Season of Poland in Russia. Warsaw – Moscow. Moscow – Warsaw. 2004-2005 organized by Adam Mickiewicz Institut.

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