Maciej Drygas

Film and radio director, screenwriter. Completed the Advanced Studies Course for Screenwriters and Directors in Moscow. Teaches documentary radio studies at the Laboratory of Reporting, University of Warsaw. Worked together with Krzysztof Kieslowski on the film "An Accident" (1981). Awarded numerous times at many international festivals, including the Felix'91 for best documentary film in Europe - "Hear My Cry", and the Grand Prix'95 at the Monte Carlo Television Festival for the document "State of Weightlessness". Maciej Drygas's films and radio plays have been broadcast by television and radio stations in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Vladimir Fenchenko

Director, editor, professor at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (WGIK) and Higher Courses of Script Writers and Directors in Moscow. Author of over 30 documentary, music and popular science films.

Andrzej Fidyk

Director and screenwriter of documentary films and TV reports for Polish television. Artistic patron of many debuts, producer. A graduate of The Higher School of Planning and Statistics (now The Warsaw School of Economics) - Faculty of International Trade. He came to television in 1980 during a selection contest for production managers. From 1982 in the News Reports and Documentaries Department. He has been nominated for numerous awards including the Stanislaw Wyspianski Award for Young Artists. Head of the Documentary Department at Channel 1 of TVP (1996 - 2003).

Andrei Gerasimov

Director, president of the Higher Courses of Script Writers and Directors in Moscow, member of the National Academy of Film and Sciences. From 1965 to 2000 he was a director at the Russian Central Film-Video Studio for Documentary and Educational Films. In the years 1981-1993 he was art director of the producer society in the Centrnauchfilm Studio. He has made 11 feature and over 30 short films of many genres and subjects.

Aleksandr Gutman

Producer, director, cameraman. Leningrad Institute of Film Engineers and Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow graduate. He has worked for Finnish television, at the "Atelie - Film - Aleksandr", studios "Newr" and "Kamera" as well as at the "Kino kronika", ISDF, Sankt Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Member of the Russian Film Academy.

Dmitry Kabakov

Director, script writer, cameraman, since 1987 he has been a professor at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. He has cooperated with the West Virginia State College. He has directed „Alone”, film that has won many awards and the film „Warszawa – spojrzenie ze Wschodu” („Warsaw - Gaze From the East”), whose main characters are young Russians setting out on their first journey abroad to Warsaw (TVP2/ARTE).

Viktor Lisakowich

Distinguished Russian chairman of the Documentary Film Department and a professor at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in Moscow.

Tue Steen Müller

Director of The European Documentary Network. Has worked for over 20 years with short and documentary films at the Danish Film Board involved with distribution, information and as a commissioning editor. Author of numerous articles for newspapers and magazines. Works as a consultant at home and abroad. Has participated in all European short and documentary film festivals.

Jacek Petrycki

Camera operator, a graduate of the Film Operator's Faculty at the National Higher School of Cinema, Television and Theatre in Lodz. He has shot over 100 documentaries as well as around 20 feature films. In 1999 he was nominated to the European Film Award in the cinematography category for the Turkish film "A Journey to the Sun". Most of his films have been awarded either at home, or at international film festivals (Cannes, Chicago, Moscow, Berlin, Macedonia).

Stanisław Pieniak

tv, film, theatre director. He is an author of over 60 films, tv programs and TV Theatre’s plays. Nowadays he is working on the application of the latest technologies (also: interactive) and development of the activity of the Television Academy (Akademia Telewizyjna S.A.), which organizes courses of modern technology and techniques.

Adam Pomorski

Translator of the English, German and Russian literature, essayist, historian of ideas. Vice-president of the Polish PEN Club. Scientific worker at the Political Studies Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. translation awards winner: twice of the monthly „Literatura na Świecie” (in 1983 for „Poezje wybrane” – „Selected poems” by Chlebnikov; in 1985 for „Szalej i inne wiersze” by Bunin); - twice of the polish Translator Association (in 1994 for lifetime achievement; in 1999 for the translation of Goethe’s „Faust”); - Polish PEN Club (in 1994 for lifetime achievement in the field of poetry translation).

Viktor Siemieniuk

Professor and chairman of the Department of Film Directing at the Sankt Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television.

Tengiz Semenov

Russian director, professor of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Moscow and head of editorial office of documentary in Pervy Kanal of the Russian Television.

Andrej Titkow

Script writer and director of documentary and feature films. Since 1973 working for WFD (Documentary and Feature Film Studio) in Warsaw, since 1977 member of Zespół Filmowy Perspektywa (currently Studio Perspektywa). He is also active in theater directing and teaching. Between 1998 and 1999 he was professor at the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Warsaw University, since 1999 he has been holding lectures on film history and problems of the film forms at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, and since 2004 he is also lecturing at the Warsaw Film School. Between 2004 and 2006 he was vice-director of the editorial office of documentary in TVP 1.

Dorota Wardęszkiewicz

Editor, lecturer at Polish Filmschool in Lodz. She has edited many films – especially: documentary – working with the best directors.

Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz

graduate of the Fine Arts Academy of Wrocław (1978) - Faculty of Painting, and a graduate of The Silesian University in Katowice (1982) in stage direction - Faculty of Radio and Television. Kościuszko Foundation grant-holder. In 1999 lectured at the SUNNY State University in Buffalo NY - Faculty of Media Studies. A Batory Foundation Art's Link grant-holder.

Ewa Romanowska-Rozewicz

Editor, worked on the realization of many films, documentaries, animations, clips and spectacles of the Theatre of Television. Member of the Polish Film Academy. Editor of many films that are popular in Poland: “Happy New York” (1997), “Spona” (1998), “Chopin: Desire for Love” (2002). She got the award for edit for “Street Games” (“Gry uliczne” at the Festival of Polish Feature Films in Gdansk-Gdynia in 1996. She is the montager for the documentary film “The Children of Leningradsky” – the Oscar nominee.

I don’t know how an idea comes into mind. This is something that just comes. From where? It is derived from everything that we have touched thus far in life.

 Krzysztof Kieślowski

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