Why are we creating Russian-Polish documentary film forum? Russia and Poland: we are aware of how many stereotypes have piled between these two words. It is even difficult to decide whether there are more of those positive ones or of those bad and spoiling the blood ones. Both weaken our sense of reality, disturb in reaching that what is essential and authentic. To tell the truth, what do we know about each other? From literature, movies, excursions, family memories, history classes or visits at the market? And what is happening with our incidental and unorganized knowledge when we stop for a moment and look at each other paying a little more attention, not overtaking the event order by too quick estimate, by a hackneyed phrase? And what is going to happen to a visit of the artist who would throw the whole talent of his curiosity on the scale to learn how „these Russians” and “these Polish” are indeed?

The joint of expectations and the facts, the confrontation of prejudice (both those unconscious and announced with full sense) with the spontaneity of the situation: that is we would like to see on the screen. We let our project open to any kind of experimentalism. The final outcome has to be the closest reflection of the reality and the truth. The truth which sounds bitterly sometimes but without it there is no comprehension of individual and common fate, there is no dialogue either. Let the camera objective be the instrument of learning, the tool of verification of first intuition. The young Polish film-maker goes to Moscow. Let him check how much of the truth is in what he has heard, what he has imagined and what he has worked out. The young Russian visits the Polish province. What door he is going to knock? Who would he like to meet? Who to believe?

Getting answers to these questions we become richer in one more human experience.

I don’t know how an idea comes into mind. This is something that just comes. From where? It is derived from everything that we have touched thus far in life.

 Krzysztof Kieślowski

Forum Russia - Poland. New Gaze is a part of a project Season of Russia in Poland. Season of Poland in Russia. Warsaw – Moscow. Moscow – Warsaw. 2004-2005 organized by Adam Mickiewicz Institut.

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